NEW Wines from Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards

Excited to announce a new addition to the portfolio; Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards.

The Fitz Brut, Big Leap Chardonnay, Pink Mile Rose and the Interloper Gewurztraminer are now available to select restaurant & retail accounts on the island, and I look forward to sharing their story and their wines! 

Some background on this ‘new’ winery with a long history of winemaking in BC:

Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards is located at Greata Ranch, situated between Peachland and Summerland. Greata Ranch was established in 1895 by George Greata and was one of the most prolific orchards in the Okanagan. Based upon Senator Ross Fitzpatrick’s boyhood memories of visiting the property with his father and sampling the peaches, he purchased the property in 1994, restored its former agricultural splendor, and planted it to vines for Cedar Creek Estate Winery.  In 2014, the family sold Cedar Creek to von Mandl Family Estates but retained the Greata Ranch Vineyard property.

The new winery will focus on traditional method sparkling wine of exceptional quality, but also produce a selection of estate bottled table wine.  Fitzpatrick Family Vineyard released it’s inaugural vintages, including its signature sparkling wines under the Fitz label.

Sarah Bain has joined their team as winemaker, directly from Quartz Reef, one of New Zealand’s leading producers of traditional method sparkling.  Their Bar & Bistro opens in April 2017.

For more info & to order contact Sara: 250.818.6469 or

What Makes Fitz so special? 

Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards has it's own nanoclimate in a valley of micro ones. There is no other winery in the Okanagan growing in their specific set of conditions. In wine, we call that terroir, and theirs is distinctly Fitz.


  • Mt. Eneas - Situated directly to their west, the mountain has two effects on our vineyard. During the early evening, the sun drops behind it and its shadow casts across the vineyard. Vines require direct light to break down acids in the fruit. As a result of this indirect light, the acids in their grapes are slightly higher than most. The second effect is as a radiator of heat. Because it faces into the sun all day, the slope warms and absorbs heat all day long, which it radiates back at night. This is especially useful in the fall as it can extend the hang time of their grapes by protecting them from the night time chill.
  • Soil Types - Fitz has four separate soil types on the site—Burnell Lake, Greata, Naramata, and Ratnip. Each type drains well with some holding capacity which means their vines have to work hard to find nutrients (a good thing), and each offers something a little different in the finished wine. 
  • The Mischief - A steady wind blows from the south almost constantly. It's called 'The Mischief' because of its ability to play havoc with vine shoots and trellises, not to mention hats and hemlines. But it keeps their vines dry and healthy which helps them resist pests and disease pressure.
  • The Lake - You can’t miss the lake out front. It’s nice to look at, but it also helps moderate temperatures in the vineyard, especially in the summer when high temperatures can actually shut the vines down and stop development.
  • Vine Age - Their oldest vines are just entering their third decade, which is prime time as far as the quality of fruit they produce. It's also somewhat uncommon to use vines of this age in sparkling production. Often the fruit of mature vines goes to varietal still wine production, and sparkling is made with younger fruit, which from their perspective doesn't offer sparkling the opportunity to reach its full potential.


Sara Park